Sketchbook Saturday


I’m not exactly a huge sketchbook guy, but I do love the moleskine sketchbooks…something about the paper works so nicely with the pencils I use, which, frankly, are nothing more than garden variety #2 Bic pencils you get at office supply stores. Hey, whatever works.

The moleskines have an ‘official’ feel…like something that’ll be left for generations to come…not sure how I feel about that. In many cases, I also have personal notes, writing, vague ideas, concepting, etc…so, many of the moleskines I’ve used are part diary and part sketchbook. Lots of doodles and rambling.

In reality, though, I’m more of a ‘loose-sheet-of-paper’ kinda guy. I’ll draw on anything, but for the most part, I work on basic copier paper. This is likely a habit I picked up as a kid – my Dad used to work for a printing supply company and always brought home reams of printing overruns, i.e., business forms, letterheads etc., which I doodled all over as fast as I could…

Anyway, here’s a few sketchbook items culled from the dusty ‘archives’…


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