Little Italy


Yesterday was a good time to drop the pencil and head out exploring with Miss J, my partner in crime, for some early Mother’s Day R&R. So, we figured we’d head over to Murray Hill.

Between the uber hip art galleries, kitschy gift shops and the exquisitely old-world Italian cuisine, Little Italy always makes for a great afternoon. It helped that the weather was about 70 and partly sunny.

We stopped at Maxi’s for some sidewalk vino, pizza, and really, some of the best people watching in Cleveland.

Best bit was watching a beleaguered driver spend what seemed like hours, attempting to parallel park in a spot right at the intersection of Murray and Mayfield, in front of the restaurant.

She worked it – she really did. And after oh, say, 30 attempts, she finally managed to wedge it in after a patron got up and did a little traffic control for her. She finally nailed it when the person behind where she wanted to park, finally left, thus giving her more room. It was epic, endearing for her tenacity, and well…entertaining.

Needless to say, we all gave her a healthy round of applause.

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