Nifty Fifty


Let’s face it…if a man wrote this stuff for say, Hustler, it’d be called porn and the only people who’d read it would be shlubby guys who spend way too much time in the bathroom.

Regardless, these books are firmly entrenched on the best sellers list…

…which makes them ‘literotica’.

It’s all in how you market it, baby.


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2 thoughts on “Nifty Fifty

  1. drivelology says:

    It definitely is how you market it because the writing itself is absolute crap!

    But I read it. And I am strangely drawn into it. I’m onto the second book. Embarrassing to admit but true.

    • patsandy says:

      Well, you’re in good company! When it comes down to it, they’re at least moderately enjoyable reading, and my better half, the ever erudite Miss J, also found them enjoyable enough to plow through all three.

      But, really – all of ’em on the best sellers list? Wow.

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