the art of funny


Cartoonists are pretty picky about the tools they work with.

For example, when it comes to a pencil, I’ve never been able to function with anything but a Bic-type, HB lead cartridge pencil. Seriously. Office Max sells bajillions of these things every week. But hand me a regular #2 pencil…the classic #2 with the pink eraser…and I’m lost. I don’t know why.

Some cartoonists use certain pens – for me, it’s Pigmas.  Some use Rapidographs. Charles Schulz was known to have bought up the remaining stock of a particular pen nib from Esterbrook, the only one he enjoyed using. He worried they’d go out of business, so he wanted to make sure he had thousands on hand.

I can so relate to that.

The point is you go with what, quite simply, works for you, which can involve a lot of trial and error, but can also be kind of obsessive.

So, I guess there’s a little ‘Rainman’ in all of us.

Ok, end of post – gotta catch Wheel Of Fortune…

Thousands of dollars in cash…

Over $150,000 just waiting to be won…

Wapner at 5….

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2 thoughts on “the art of funny

  1. elizjohn2000 says:

    This was too cute and funny. I could relate. I’m a writer (I wish I could draw) but it’s weird how you get attached to a certain kind of instrument as a vehicle for your art, whatever it is. Typically, I use my computer to write, but when I’m out and about, I have a little journal that I use to keep notes, and I absolutely prefer some kind of gel-roller pen to write with. Mind you, it’s not always accessible, and in the effort to not forget an idea, I WILL write with anything that’s available, but once I sit down and get ready to get serious…if I’m writing long-hand, then I need a gel-roller. And if I start writing and I don’t have one, I’m completely distracted: This pen doesn’t flow well. Who makes this pen? Why is this pen in existence??!! Arrgghhh!

    Oh, yea, I get it.


    • patsandy says:

      Elizabeth – thx for stopping by the blog! I like what you have going on with yours as well – excellent writing!

      And yeah, we appear to be cut from exactly the same cloth…lol!

      It must be a creative thing, generally speaking, and not just art and writing.

      For example, I have a band – I play guitar and ‘sing’…er…’yell on key’…and I’ve only used one kind of guitar pick for at least 25 years – a Jim Dunlop brand .60mm pick – that’s it. I buy ’em by the bag full, and lose ’em just as easily. They’re all over the house…in the couch, the laundry. I always have one available somewhere.

      Yet, put any other pick in my grubby little hands, and suddenly I’m fumbling all over the place…weird!


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