Shaken and Stirred


I do like a good cocktail.

In fact, I’m a Manhattan guy and I love to take forays into different variations of this classic.

Anyway, I see that Esquire magazine recently put out their annual “Best Cocktail Bars in America” list, and it looks like they didn’t do enough research.

This year, they included Cleveland’s Velvet Tango Room, and while I’m all for any local establishment getting deserved kudos from a national mag, they overlooked an equally compelling choice – The Blonde on Rockside Rd. in Independence, Ohio.

The Blonde sits comfortably south of downtown Cleveland, in an unassuming little ‘burb, cranking out exquisitely original, and I might add, tasty cocktails – the best, in my opinion. Their wine selection is also top shelf.

The proprietors, Kim and Pete, handle the whole enterprise on their own, dutifully taking care of their patrons, and giving the place some real personality through various party events and their thoughtful approach to sublime, handcrafted, classic drinks.

It’s why Miss J and I keep coming back.

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