Clowning Around


Like many, I find clowns kinda creepy.

Some people grow up wanting to be firemen, astronauts, doctors and so on, but I’m fascinated by those who aspire to clownhood (Is that a word? Of course not, I made it up). I mean, what compels individuals to suddenly wake up one day and think, “Hmm…I want to be a clown”…?

Is it fame and glory? Money? I don’t know.

True story: I was in San Diego on a business trip a few years ago. On the way back, while waiting in the over-crowded security line – there was a lone guy dressed up as clown. Seriously. Top to bottom…the nose, the hair, the shoes…everything.

And he got through.

Although, I’m pretty certain they confiscated his seltzer bottle.

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