Lock, Stocks and Barrel


I try desperately not to follow the financial news every day. But I do.

On Monday, things suck, on Tuesday the market’s looking great, on Wednesday everything sucks again, and so on. Often, swings of 100 points or so, are just another day at the office.

And the media really doesn’t help – the financial headlines on Yahoo news alone have a slingshot-like, almost contradictory tone, many times in the same day:

9:45 am: “Market’s going to Hell”

2:43 pm: “Back to Blue Sky for Markets on Euro news”

3:24 pm: “No…we were right the first time…the market is going to Hell.”

Anyway, I used to invest and not even really think about it. I did my ‘research’ and socked it away, figuring I had time to overcome any market burps.

Nowadays though, unless you’re inclined to stuff all your money in a mattress (not a bad idea, actually), investing in the stock market is like an all-day ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl at an amusement park.

Without the cotton candy, slurpees and great weather.


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