The Final Rose…


And another season of The Bachelorette comes to an end – and likely, in 6 months or so, Emily and Jef’s ‘engagement’.

Call me a cynic.

Picture this – in your every day life…with all the details of an average day…work…small moments with your loved ones…sad…happy…whatever…can you imagine functioning while a camera records your every move? In fact, toss in the lights, make-up, crew, director and so on, and it would be impossible to be even remotely authentic or genuine.

That’s why I find the ubiquitous Bachelor franchise so fascinating – it seems to hit some kind of sweet spot in our cultural psyche, and never fails to generate big bucks for ABC. Clearly, we all love to sit in on the drama-fest, even if it’s kinda/sorta faked. It’s like watching a trainwreck without the carnage – just fake, pre-packaged emotions for our entertainment.

In a television landscape littered with ‘junk food’, The Bachelor series is the ultimate, and millions of us lap it up like a candy bar buffet, washed down with Slurpees.


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2 thoughts on “The Final Rose…

  1. This one is right up my alley, Pat!!!!

  2. patsandy says:

    Ha! I’m assuming you’re watching the current season…:)

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