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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda…

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“On Career Day in high school, you don’t walk around looking for the cartoon guy.” – Gary Larson / The Far Side

Too True…

Happy Anniversary, Baby…


I simply can’t let August 20th roll by without a ‘Happy Anniversary, Baby’ to, well…MY baby, the beauteous Miss J.

Our 29th, to be exact.

We met in college 33 years ago, and we’ve been together ever since. Beautiful, smart, graceful, kind, nurturing, and way-hot, I could go on, but needless to say, I hit the lottery when she entered my life.

So, Happy ‘A’, Miss J! I Love you – always!



Well, Tom Cruise has had an interesting summer, hasn’t he?

You just knew the whole jumping-on-the-couch thing on Oprah was gonna backfire. Unfortunately, it seems like anytime a celebrity marriage starts off with both parties publicly blathering everywhere they go about how amazing their love is, and how the stars aligned just for them, etc., etc., it usually ends up going ‘pffft’.

Must be a Hollywood thing.

Anyway, here’s a recent piece of our favorite, hyper-intense, Scientologist movie star.

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