Healthy Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago I got the bill from the hospital/doctors/etc. for costs related to a recent medical event (see June 8th post), and it’s pretty impressive. The insurance company tells me we’ll end up paying a fraction of it, so for that, I’m grateful.

But, as I perused all the various charges, I wondered why they didn’t just keep going…why not, say, $5000.00 for a band-aid? Or, $25,000 for the use of the gurney?

I mean, if it’s gonna be a free-for-all, how about tossing in a generic ‘cartoonist surcharge’ of, oh…$7500.00.

Just because.

The dizzying figures made me realize one thing…

I went into the wrong line of work.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Tuesday

  1. mskatykins says:

    Didn’t so many of us go into the wrong line of work… 😉

    People often complain about the NHS but I think that we are extremely lucky to have it. I think it must be nightmarish to have to pay for every medical procedure… Eek.

  2. patsandy says:

    Yeah, really! As for the NHS, yeah, I’m a huge advocate of something like that here…health care costs in the US are ridiculous, and there’s no easy answer…and the debate here (particularly in an election year) is downright polarizing – I could go on, but I’m afraid I won’t stop typing for 3 hours, and then I’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome and well, then I’ll have to go to…you guessed it…the doctor…

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