More caricature work…

Loved Amy Winehouse and still do. I rank her up there with the greatest singers of all time – what a voice.

And what a loss…

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6 thoughts on “Amy

  1. takenbysound says:

    That’s tops! love it.

  2. elizjohn2000 says:

    Very cool, Pat! I swear, I wish I could do what you do…! You make it look so easy! 😀

    • patsandy says:

      Elizabeth – Thanks so much! Funny thing is I spent more time trying to make her tattoo fairly ‘accurate’ than the rest of the design…sheesh! details! LOL!

  3. mskatykins says:

    I think the only way for me to describe this as is ‘pretty fabulous’. 🙂

  4. patsandy says:

    Thx K…I’m such a fan of Amy’s, so it was a labor of love…:) I miss that woman – what a gift she had…

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