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Children’s Book Stuff

It’s Children’s Book Week at Lake Effect! Here’s some illos in my retro-ey 50’s style I did for Lerner Publishing in Minneapolis. They were for a 4-book series that taught memorization techniques for kids, i.e., mnemonic devices, called “Adventures In Memory”, naturally. These particular pieces were from the last of the four, and involved things like punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Anyway, I really enjoyed working with the bright colors and characters. At times, it was a challenge to coordinate between the educational aspect and the silly stuff, but the series was a blast to do, and I’ll post more through the week.

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Sketchbook Friday

More sketchbook stuff…I was reading a review of “Seven Psychopaths” in Entertainment Weekly, so that’s how the Christopher Walken stuff came out…as for Mitt and Obama, well, it’s election season…lol…I can’t avoid ’em!

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Walking Stiffs

Hey, it’s Halloween season…you can never have enough zombie cartoons out there…

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Are You Going To San Francisco…

Ah, San Francisco.

As I write this, I’m getting ready to hit the Alternative Press Expo, in what can only be described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The APE, as it’s called in the industry, is essentially a comics convention, that focuses on self-publishing, independent publishers and alternative cartoonists…everyone is showing their cartoons, books, projects etc. Pretty cool, actually! I’m in geek mode as well, as a number of my personal favorites, most notably, the Hernandez Brothers of Love and Rockets fame, will be holding court in a variety of settings, i.e., programs, meet ‘n greets etc.

So, since I’m on the road and scramblin’ to get it together, I’ll post another caricature – the comedian, Louis CK…

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Something any artist can relate to…

“I don’t think there’s more than half-a-dozen cartoons that I’ve been really truly happy with in all the time I’ve been doing it.” –  Pulitzer Prize-winning Editorial cartoonist, Pat Oliphant

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