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Clothes Call

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More miscellaneous craziness from the sketchbook.

Some of these are simply little ideas that float around my noggin (maybe I’ll ink ’em up sometime)…Jeff Tweedy heads up Wilco (outside of the Beatles, my favorite band)….

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More Children’s Book Stuff

Hey, I’m off my game with all this hurricane business. My namesake weather disaster knocked our power out Monday night, and suddenly I got a taste of what ‘roughing it’ can be like…kinda.

There’s a lot of people on the east coast who are truly roughing it and my thoughts go out to them.

That said , the power came back on last night – hallelujah – so I’m gonna post a few more samples of the children’s book cartoon stuff I’ve done. These are from the “Adventures In Memory” books, mentioned in Monday’s post, that teaches memorization techniques for kids. Two illos from the last book in the series, addressing punctuation, grammar, etc., and two from the third book, involving history – one with the pilgrims (there was hip-hop/rap copy with it) and the other was a spread about the last four Presidents. The last two are from book #2, which covered geography.

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