More miscellaneous craziness from the sketchbook.

Some of these are simply little ideas that float around my noggin (maybe I’ll ink ’em up sometime)…Jeff Tweedy heads up Wilco (outside of the Beatles, my favorite band)….

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6 thoughts on “Sketchbook-a-go-go

  1. brianhmoll says:

    cartoon Tweedy is great.

  2. mskatykins says:

    What’s your favourite Beatle (I’m a Paul fan.) and track? 🙂

    I love your sketchbook stuff. Always entertained with these posts. Particularly enjoyed the steroids one and the Dept of WtF! HA! 🙂

    • patsandy says:

      Well, bless ya, K! As for the Beatles, I tend to go John for the most part, but I love Paul as well…and, of course, George and Ringo…I’m a freak with that band and next in line (for me) is Wilco (obsessed with both…LOL)…after that, I love, love, love tons of stuff (from Black Keys to Van Morrison), including blues and jazz…I’m all over the map!

      • mskatykins says:

        You’re like me, I love all kinds of music. Thinking about it now I just don’t understand why people would limit themselves to a small amount of music. There so much fabulous stuff out there. I’m actually a really big jazz fan. I can’t get enough of it. Such fantastic beats and how amazing to be able to jam like that, just go wherever your improv takes you… I’m in awe.

        I’ll need to check out Wilco, don’t know much of their stuff. The Beatles are just so great. I don’t think they’re overrated at all. The Black Keys, now they’re pretty dam good. It’s funny how somewhat simple music (I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense!) can sometimes be more effective than the bands that try to do too much at once… sorry, long comment. Could happily talk endlessly about music. 🙂

  3. patsandy says:

    Oh, I forgot…Beatles track? Wow – that’s a hard one…I have a tough time picking just one, but for maximum excellence, I love “Hey Jude”…”Strawberry Fields”, “Penny Lane”…I could go on…:) How ’bout you?

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