Hunka Hunka Holidays


Ah, Christmas! Finally! After all the shoppin’ and general overall craziness, we’re heading into the homestretch. Although, I actually prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas day – must be an anticipation thing.

Anyway, those of us here at Lake Effect (meaning – me, and my occasional editor, the ever-vivacious, Miss J) wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and any other celebration you observe at this time of year.

It’s a pleasure working this blog and I appreciate every single ‘like’, comment and view that comes my way…it’s a blast, and the interaction with you guys is what this is all about – so, thank you – you’re the best!

And, with that, I’m going to go do some last-minute Christmas errands (because there’s always last minute Christmas errands, isn’t there?) and wish everyone the best during this holiday season and into the New Year!

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One thought on “Hunka Hunka Holidays

  1. Lindarose says:

    Very Funny. Nice sentiment. I enjoy your blog. Great work.

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