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The Cleveland Marathon


Wasn’t this the Revco Marathon back in the day? I could be wrong – it sure wouldn’t be the first time. In any event, it looks like Rite Aid has been running the show for a while now, and by any barometer, it’s been pretty successful.

Personally, I enjoy getting out and running, but haven’t done much long distance stuff – usually 3 miles a few days a week. So, I may try a 10K sometime. I ran one a number of years ago, and did it in under an hour – or was that the first mile? I went on to finish though, and felt pretty ding-danged good about it. 

Anyway, The Cleveland Marathon is usually the first big ‘summer event’ around these here parts – sort of a precursor to the big Memorial Day weekend and its rib fest revelry – followed rapidly by beer fests, Greek fests, Italian fests, and well, any gastronomically-related gathering you can add ‘fest’ to. Throw in all the fairs in late summer and that’s a lotta food-festin’.

Even more reason to get out and run it off…

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Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino opens today…

Well, the big day is finally upon us – Cleveland is now in the gambling biz. I have to admit – I’m not really much of a gambler, but I voted for it knowing full well the accompanying Vegas-style baggage.

For me, though, the idea of something that could seriously add to the revitalization of downtown, has to be good. We keep hearing that the Horseshoe’s set-up is designed for patrons to hit the surrounding areas for their entertainment and to head back to the casino for all their gambling needs. If that kind of ‘integrated’ approach works, good for downtown…and all of northeast Ohio.

Ok, enough civic stump speechin’…gotta go draw something…

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