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Buh-bye 2012!

Well, Happy New Year’s and all that stuff! As we hit the finish line on 2012, all of us here at…well…my cartoon-blog-thing…want to wish everyone a great 2013 and beyond…hm…that sounded kinda Buzz Lightyear, but hey, you get the idea.
Anyway in the spirit of ‘year end’ wrap-ups, I thought I’d roll out some of my favorite cartoons over the past year. Not just because I personally think they’re funny, but also because I’m lazy and I always wanted to do a ‘year in review’. There’s a real limited window of opportunity for this stuff and, by golly, I’m takin’ it!

So, here we go – the “Lake Effect Year In Review”:

May – 


Apparently, many people go to the movies for all their social networking needs.


Headstone humor…I wonder if Venn was, in reality, cross-eyed?


The witch would’ve been better off seeing a dermatologist about the whole green skin thing.

June – 


Haven’t I read this stuff before? Like in a Penthouse magazine I found under Dad’s bed in 1973?


It’s amazing what greeting cards are able to do nowadays. Buy some. It keeps me working.

July –


We all have goals. Mine is to see “Django Unchained’ at some point this week.


Zombies: trending down…

August – 


Ever have one of those days? Like, every day?


I liked “The Dark Knight” better.

September –


I figured ‘Jack Russell’ sounded funnier than ‘Bichon Frise’.

October – 


I think a cool app would be one that turns every day into Friday. Or, better yet, eliminates Mondays.

November –


The Americana music trend is now officially everywhere, including fashion. God help us, if the next trend is, say, 80’s techno…Kraftwerk, anyone?

OK, that oughta do it – I could post more, but it’s time to go crack open some champagne.
Happy New Year’s Everyone and see you in a few days – hey, I’ll need to recover from all the revelry of falling asleep in front of the TV at 11:30!
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More miscellaneous craziness from the sketchbook.

Some of these are simply little ideas that float around my noggin (maybe I’ll ink ’em up sometime)…Jeff Tweedy heads up Wilco (outside of the Beatles, my favorite band)….

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Gravy Train Kept A-Rollin’


I don’t know what it is – our dogs tend to tepidly pick at the luscious dry food mixed with the wet ‘gourmet’ stuff that we give them every night.

They prefer badgering us relentlessly for any pathetic little scrap that they can get…a bread rind…a tiny piece of cheese…anything that may fall on the floor…something…anything.

The panicked look on their mugs every time we sit down to eat would suggest that we starve them, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the older one has…well…I guess you could call it a ‘beer gut’, but she sure doesn’t drink beer.

Maybe she’s just ‘big-boned’.

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Dog Days


I love dogs – in fact, I’d have ten dogs if I could get away with it.

But then, I’d be the neighborhood ‘dog-guy’, and that doesn’t sound too appealing.

We have two awesome Bichon Frises, Josie and Petey, (Petey’s a rescue) and we love ‘em. They’re quintessential lap dogs…pampered and entitled…not a worry in the world.

Good gig.

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Wall St. Journal…


Yep – I do occasionally appear in other media.

This one showed up in Monday’s edition…

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