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Dearly beloved…


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The Ramones


With the recent passing of Tommy Ramone, the original quartet is gone – a sad reminder that life is oh, so fleeting.

I saw The Ramones twice back in the day, both times at the old Cleveland Agora, circa 1978-80, in essentially, a packed room. This was the ‘Marky’ era, as Tommy had moved on to concentrate on production etc.

I had the distinct pleasure of being crammed up against the left side of the stage staring up at Johnny Ramone slashing away on his Mosrite guitar, and to his left, the impossibly tall Joey at center stage, Dee Dee throttling the bass, and Marky in the back on drums.

Yeah, it was loud.

I’ve seen a lot of bands over the years – in just about every musical genre – and The Ramones were, to put it mildly, stunning to watch and listen to.

There was punk before The Ramones – much like there’s a sketch before a painting.

But punk as we know it – in all it’s distorted, DIY power-chord glory, came into crystal clear focus with The Ramones’ first album in 1976.

They’re in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a damn good reason.


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Jack White

Some recent caricature/illustration work – love the new album, “Lazaretto”…


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Nice Way To Start Off The Week

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Long weekend here at Command Central – lotsa Christmas shopping, and all the craziness that comes with it!

So anyway, I found out Friday that MsKatyKins, over at http://spinelesswonders.wordpress.com nominated me for 2012 Blog Of The Year – too cool! And while we know there’s all kinds blogawards out there, the point is someone cared enough to recognize me (and a handful of other really talented individuals) out of an otherwise infinite internet landscape, and that’s really cool. It makes it all worth it. And let’s not be fooled – anyone who does a blog on a fairly regular basis knows full well it’s like a second job – with no pay. That’s critical – obviously we could all go to tip jars and such (and I’m not quite ready to do that), but that kinda misses the point in the world of blogging.

Ok, with all that out of the way, I believe the idea is to throw out my own nominations, which obviously would start with http://spinelesswonders.wordpress.com. Ms. K is one of my favorites – a delightfully talented cartoonist who’s a superlative and thoughtful writer, and general all-around blogging superstar. Just so you know, her characters in Spineless Wonders are basically invertebrates…but funny invertebrates (my favorite kind). Plus, they’d make great plush toys!

So, here’s the rest of MY nominees for Blog Of The Year 2012, in no particular order (some are cartoonists, and some are, well…just plain fun):


Yeah, I know – Katy nominated him too – but he’s been on my ‘follow’ list for a while, and does really nice political cartoons/drawings/caricatures and illustrations – nice blog!


Funny, funny stuff – he ‘reviews’ the daily comics strips with, essentially, a bazooka. A MUST read.


I nominated this site once before, but it’s unique, hip and informative. One of the more fascinating blogs out there, and we both have damn good taste in wordpress themes. 😉


A visual feast!


Hugh Macleod – he’s the single reason I decided to do this blog. Cartoonist, writer and one of the most revered voices on the state of social media today – he IS the man. His books are priceless, and my favorite, “Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys To Creativity” should be required reading for ANY creative.


Want to stay up-to-the-minute on the world of cartooning? THIS is the place – excellent blog for all things ‘tooner.

Whew! That should do it – I could throw out more but I’m gettin’ carpal tunnel from typing!

Anyway, thanks again to my good friend Kate over at Spineless Wonders (Let’s see those characters in plush!) and I’ll check back mid-week!

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More miscellaneous craziness from the sketchbook.

Some of these are simply little ideas that float around my noggin (maybe I’ll ink ’em up sometime)…Jeff Tweedy heads up Wilco (outside of the Beatles, my favorite band)….

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Children’s Book Stuff

It’s Children’s Book Week at Lake Effect! Here’s some illos in my retro-ey 50’s style I did for Lerner Publishing in Minneapolis. They were for a 4-book series that taught memorization techniques for kids, i.e., mnemonic devices, called “Adventures In Memory”, naturally. These particular pieces were from the last of the four, and involved things like punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Anyway, I really enjoyed working with the bright colors and characters. At times, it was a challenge to coordinate between the educational aspect and the silly stuff, but the series was a blast to do, and I’ll post more through the week.

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Caricature Stuff


In my illustration work, I occasionally do caricatures, and in recent years, I’ve gravitated toward a more stylized approach – graphic and simple, emphasizing shapes and what I refer to as ‘essence’, rather than specificity. Here’s a recent piece of one of my favorite bands, The Black Keys. I have quite a few more coming and I’ll share as they get completed.


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