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Sketchbook Friday

More sketchbook stuff…I was reading a review of “Seven Psychopaths” in Entertainment Weekly, so that’s how the Christopher Walken stuff came out…as for Mitt and Obama, well, it’s election season…lol…I can’t avoid ’em!

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She Sold Seashells…


Oh, my – we’re at the height of election season, and it’s only gonna get worse. In fact, the ads on TV (and everywhere, really) are relentless, and there appears to be no escape.

And with all that, the phone calls are starting. You know the kind – marketing, research surveys, etc., all feeding the election machine, at least based on their initial pitch when/if I answer the phone.

I’m currently getting 2-3 a day at times and as we get closer to the big day (3 months away – weep) it’ll double that, I’m sure.

So what to do?

Exactly – get rid of the phone.

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