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Buh-bye 2012!

Well, Happy New Year’s and all that stuff! As we hit the finish line on 2012, all of us here at…well…my cartoon-blog-thing…want to wish everyone a great 2013 and beyond…hm…that sounded kinda Buzz Lightyear, but hey, you get the idea.
Anyway in the spirit of ‘year end’ wrap-ups, I thought I’d roll out some of my favorite cartoons over the past year. Not just because I personally think they’re funny, but also because I’m lazy and I always wanted to do a ‘year in review’. There’s a real limited window of opportunity for this stuff and, by golly, I’m takin’ it!

So, here we go – the “Lake Effect Year In Review”:

May – 


Apparently, many people go to the movies for all their social networking needs.


Headstone humor…I wonder if Venn was, in reality, cross-eyed?


The witch would’ve been better off seeing a dermatologist about the whole green skin thing.

June – 


Haven’t I read this stuff before? Like in a Penthouse magazine I found under Dad’s bed in 1973?


It’s amazing what greeting cards are able to do nowadays. Buy some. It keeps me working.

July –


We all have goals. Mine is to see “Django Unchained’ at some point this week.


Zombies: trending down…

August – 


Ever have one of those days? Like, every day?


I liked “The Dark Knight” better.

September –


I figured ‘Jack Russell’ sounded funnier than ‘Bichon Frise’.

October – 


I think a cool app would be one that turns every day into Friday. Or, better yet, eliminates Mondays.

November –


The Americana music trend is now officially everywhere, including fashion. God help us, if the next trend is, say, 80’s techno…Kraftwerk, anyone?

OK, that oughta do it – I could post more, but it’s time to go crack open some champagne.
Happy New Year’s Everyone and see you in a few days – hey, I’ll need to recover from all the revelry of falling asleep in front of the TV at 11:30!
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Hunka Hunka Holidays


Ah, Christmas! Finally! After all the shoppin’ and general overall craziness, we’re heading into the homestretch. Although, I actually prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas day – must be an anticipation thing.

Anyway, those of us here at Lake Effect (meaning – me, and my occasional editor, the ever-vivacious, Miss J) wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and any other celebration you observe at this time of year.

It’s a pleasure working this blog and I appreciate every single ‘like’, comment and view that comes my way…it’s a blast, and the interaction with you guys is what this is all about – so, thank you – you’re the best!

And, with that, I’m going to go do some last-minute Christmas errands (because there’s always last minute Christmas errands, isn’t there?) and wish everyone the best during this holiday season and into the New Year!

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TGIF randomness from the sketchbook…

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Nice Way To Start Off The Week

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Long weekend here at Command Central – lotsa Christmas shopping, and all the craziness that comes with it!

So anyway, I found out Friday that MsKatyKins, over at nominated me for 2012 Blog Of The Year – too cool! And while we know there’s all kinds blogawards out there, the point is someone cared enough to recognize me (and a handful of other really talented individuals) out of an otherwise infinite internet landscape, and that’s really cool. It makes it all worth it. And let’s not be fooled – anyone who does a blog on a fairly regular basis knows full well it’s like a second job – with no pay. That’s critical – obviously we could all go to tip jars and such (and I’m not quite ready to do that), but that kinda misses the point in the world of blogging.

Ok, with all that out of the way, I believe the idea is to throw out my own nominations, which obviously would start with Ms. K is one of my favorites – a delightfully talented cartoonist who’s a superlative and thoughtful writer, and general all-around blogging superstar. Just so you know, her characters in Spineless Wonders are basically invertebrates…but funny invertebrates (my favorite kind). Plus, they’d make great plush toys!

So, here’s the rest of MY nominees for Blog Of The Year 2012, in no particular order (some are cartoonists, and some are, well…just plain fun):

Yeah, I know – Katy nominated him too – but he’s been on my ‘follow’ list for a while, and does really nice political cartoons/drawings/caricatures and illustrations – nice blog!

Funny, funny stuff – he ‘reviews’ the daily comics strips with, essentially, a bazooka. A MUST read.

I nominated this site once before, but it’s unique, hip and informative. One of the more fascinating blogs out there, and we both have damn good taste in wordpress themes. 😉

A visual feast!

Hugh Macleod – he’s the single reason I decided to do this blog. Cartoonist, writer and one of the most revered voices on the state of social media today – he IS the man. His books are priceless, and my favorite, “Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys To Creativity” should be required reading for ANY creative.

Want to stay up-to-the-minute on the world of cartooning? THIS is the place – excellent blog for all things ‘tooner.

Whew! That should do it – I could throw out more but I’m gettin’ carpal tunnel from typing!

Anyway, thanks again to my good friend Kate over at Spineless Wonders (Let’s see those characters in plush!) and I’ll check back mid-week!

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