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Dearly beloved…


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Monday Sketchin’…




Well, it’s been quite a month here at Lake Effect Central – tons of outside distractions have kinda/sorta taken over for the time being -but alas, I can’t stay away for too long, so here we go with some more sketchbook silliness! I’m gonna try and get stuff up a bit more often, (as in, at least once a week) – in fact, I may just roll out some of the greeting card stuff I’ve done, some more children’s book illos and then we’ll get back to some cartoons, or maybe more sketchbook stuff – because, hey, that’s what I do!

So again, many apologies for the lack of new stuff over the last few, but I’ll be sticking around – just gotta get other projects outta the way first!

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TGIF randomness from the sketchbook…

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More miscellaneous craziness from the sketchbook.

Some of these are simply little ideas that float around my noggin (maybe I’ll ink ’em up sometime)…Jeff Tweedy heads up Wilco (outside of the Beatles, my favorite band)….

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Sketchbook Friday

More sketchbook stuff…I was reading a review of “Seven Psychopaths” in Entertainment Weekly, so that’s how the Christopher Walken stuff came out…as for Mitt and Obama, well, it’s election season…lol…I can’t avoid ’em!

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Random Thursday Sketchbook Stuff


More archived sketchbook business…I’m trying to figure out why I stopped with the viking guy, or Hagar, or whoever he is, and then suddenly started drawing a nose in the lower left…that may require therapy or something…


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Sunday Misc.


More Sketchbook randomness…

The photo is a particular favorite of mine…I wonder what they’re fixing up…gutters? New countertops?



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