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Dearly beloved…


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Are You Going To San Francisco…

Ah, San Francisco.

As I write this, I’m getting ready to hit the Alternative Press Expo, in what can only be described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The APE, as it’s called in the industry, is essentially a comics convention, that focuses on self-publishing, independent publishers and alternative cartoonists…everyone is showing their cartoons, books, projects etc. Pretty cool, actually! I’m in geek mode as well, as a number of my personal favorites, most notably, the Hernandez Brothers of Love and Rockets fame, will be holding court in a variety of settings, i.e., programs, meet ‘n greets etc.

So, since I’m on the road and scramblin’ to get it together, I’ll post another caricature – the comedian, Louis CK…

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Caricature Stuff

Yeah, I know, it’s the old hairstyle. We’ll call this ‘Retro-Bieber’…or something like that…

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More caricature work…

Loved Amy Winehouse and still do. I rank her up there with the greatest singers of all time – what a voice.

And what a loss…

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Well, Tom Cruise has had an interesting summer, hasn’t he?

You just knew the whole jumping-on-the-couch thing on Oprah was gonna backfire. Unfortunately, it seems like anytime a celebrity marriage starts off with both parties publicly blathering everywhere they go about how amazing their love is, and how the stars aligned just for them, etc., etc., it usually ends up going ‘pffft’.

Must be a Hollywood thing.

Anyway, here’s a recent piece of our favorite, hyper-intense, Scientologist movie star.

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Caricature Stuff


When it comes to jazzy, torch singers, I’m way more of an Amy Winehouse guy, but there’s no denying Adele’s talent. The woman is beautiful as well as an amazing singer, although just around Grammy time last winter, it was a little bit of overkill with the airplay. You couldn’t turn a radio on without hearing her stuff. I really miss Amy, though, and yeah, I’m working on one of her, also.

Anyway, here’s Adele, done in my flat, graphic illustration style.

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